Meet Wi-Station 3 in 1

Your 3 in 1 docking station for all your wireless devices 



Laidback Life is committed to both consumers and retailers, aiming to always deliver the coolest and most innovative products in the consumer electronics & backpack sector.

We love all the Eco consciousness out there and to reciprocate we decided to launch our green line of products. We too cherish our environment and we would like to help it by what we do best. By making biodegradable cool products that are high in quality and totally fit your everyday needs. 

Lets make every day Earth day!

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Wi-Station 3 in 1

Wi-Station 3 in 1 is a new age docking station for all your wireless devices. It can charge your phone, smart watch and wireless earphones all at the same time! 

Wi-Station 3in1 Gallery


EcoCharger is the first bio degradable, rechargeable mini charger of 1000mAh.


EcoCharger is made out of wheat straw making it extremely friendly to our environment. Normal plastic takes approximately 400 years to degrade by itself whereas wheat straw 4-6 months.

EcoCharger Gallery



EcoCase is our first biodegradable case for your iPhone which is completely made out of wheat straw. This makes it 100% friendly to our environment since it can degrade by itself in the soil but also has all the technological advancements a phone case should give you! 


EcoCase is compatible for many iPhone, Samsung & Huawei models. Check here to see compatibility

EcoCase Gallery

EcoCasey & EcoCasey Pro

EcoCasey is a protective case for your Airpods completely made out of wheat straw. You can now protect your Airpods and at the same time protect the environment as our case is 100% biodegradable. EcoCasey has a version for Airpods and a version for Airpods Pro in various colors.


EcoCasey Pro & EcoCasey Gallery



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